Wrongful Denial of a Life Insurance Claim in Texas

Texas Life Insurance Lawsuit Attorneys

Are you or a member of your family the victim of a wrongful denial of a life insurance claim in Texas?  

Our team of legal professionals is experienced in wrongful denials lawsuits, and we are ready to help you win the life insurance settlement that you or your loved one is entitled to receive. You faithfully paid your premiums, and now it is the life insurance company’s obligation to payout on your claim. For your free case review regarding any type of insurance claim denial matters, simple call (866) 253-9689.

The purpose of life insurance is to receive financial payment in the event a loved one passes away and provides financial protection for the survivors of the insured. Life insurance helps the survivors meet financial obligations such as helping surviving family members living expenses, college objectives for surviving children, funeral expenses, pay off debts, and other important financial considerations. It is a good strategy for families to review their life insurance policies and programs every year and make modifications to meet any changes in circumstances and needs.

When Life Insurance Companies Delay, Diminish, or Deny Claims

All life insurance companies are “for-profit” enterprises which generate profits by taking in life insurance premiums while delay, diminishing the value of, and deny life insurance claims payouts. The primary financial interest of life insurance companies is to increase profits and income for its shareholders’ benefit. Life insurance companies do not exist or function as a charity. In other words, the financial interests of life insurance companies is in direct conflict with life insurance beneficiaries seeking a claim payout. But you have rights!

All too often, life insurance companies engage in the tactic of automatically denying life insurance claims. They hope that the beneficiaries do not pursue the matter further or know to discuss their case with a life insurance denial attorney. If you or a family member is dealing with a dishonest life insurance company, you must not give up. The Alex Martinez Law Office is in business to empower our clients and fight the life insurance company to recover the compensation and benefits you and your family deserve.

If your life insurance company has denied your claim or is delaying payment on your life insurance claim, consult our life insurance lawyers for free, and understand your rights and all of your options. At The Alex Martinez Law Office, our life insurance denial lawyers can help you. We represent clients in all types of insurance claims matters. Call us today at (866) 253-9689.

The Most Common Excuses Life Insurance Use to Deny Life Insurance Benefits to Claimants in Texas

Life insurance companies and the claims representatives are trained to deny and delay payment on life insurance claims. Life insurance claimants, who have been denied or are dealing with unreasonable delays, visit our law office or call to speak with one of our attorneys. They want to understand why they have been denied, and they want to understand what our firm can do to recover the life insurance funds. The following are a few of the most common excuses life insurance companies use to delay or deny life insurance claims:

  • The insured’s behavior caused his or her death, and this justifies nonpayment on the claim.
  • The life insurance claim forms were completed incorrectly.
  • The life insurance claim forms were filed too late.
  • The insured had undisclosed, pre-existing medical conditions.
  • There are questions regarding the insured’s competency.
  • There are questions about the actual cause of death.
  • There are one or more violations of the policy terms.

All life insurance companies have a legal obligation to grant benefits to an insured’s named beneficiaries. When life insurance companies fail to act appropriately, the life insurance company should be brought before the court and, after successfully challenged, be ordered to compensate the life insurance policy beneficiaries.

Texas Claim Denial Lawyers Fighting For the Rights of Life Insurance Beneficiaries Throughout the State of Texas

Our Texas insurance attorneys can assist if you or a family member have been wrongly denied a life insurance claim. We offer a free case evaluation in person or by telephone. There is no risk in discussing your legal rights and learning more about your legal options.

We represent claimants in legal matters related to life insurance claims issues and denials throughout the State of Texas. At the Alex Martinez Law Office, we represent clients in all types of insurance claims denials. Call us today at (866) 253-9689.