Javier Rios: From a Dream to Success

Javier Ríos, leader of the famous norteño music group, Los Invasores de Nuevo León, sits with us to give us a new perspective on his career and his motivations for becoming an American citizen. The artist tells us about his musical journey, his life path and shares with us what it means for him to have begun his naturalization process and finally to achieve his American dream. We know Javier Ríos for his great achievements in norteña music and his unforgettable songs like “Laurita Garza,” “Eslabón por Eslabón,” “Mi Casa Nueva” and “Playa Sola,” but his story reaches beyond music.

Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon

Javier Ríos was born in Mexico on December 3, 1956. The artist grew up with his father as a great example who began his musical career. Javier discovered his love for the world of music through his father who also had a passion for playing. Javier tells us that during his childhood his father won an accordion in a raffle and that marked the beginning of his musical career. With dreams of being like his father at only 6 years old, Javier set new goals for himself. Years later, in 1980 the journey of the musical group Los Invasores de Nuevo León began. Javier and his group made many achievements and quickly won the love of their audience. Los Invasores de Nuevo León accumulated many memories, from their most successful songs to unforgettable concerts, but there are some that will remain in your heart forever. “There is one (concert) that marked our lives. When we opened the concert to Ramón Ayala, who was the one who sponsored us in the big dances. This was at the railroad casino in Monterrey Nuevo León. ” Since then, Javier has dedicated himself to composing music and traveling on both sides of the border fulfilling his greatest passion.

Javier moved to the United States in hopes of realizing his American dream. “It is a country full of opportunities, very safe where you can establish a family,” the artist tells us. For Javier, there are too many reasons why the United States is the place for him, but giving his family the best stands out from the rest. He came to the country to obtain his permanent residence, so that years later, I took a great step in fulfilling his American dream. In May 2017 Javier decided to start the process of American naturalization and put his trust in the lawyer Alex Martínez. When talking with Javier he commented on his motivation to naturalize. “You can go everywhere, enter the country without any problem, apart from that you have many benefits.” These advantages and more have been granted to Javier since his process was finalized. By naturalizing, the vote, family benefits, and freedom come to her just as they did to Javier.

The artist Javier Ríos, like many people in the Rio Grande Valley, entered the country as an immigrant to obtain his permanent residence. He made the decision to become a naturalized citizen to give his family the benefits that come at the end of the process. Javier Ríos has a history that reaches far beyond his musical career. While his career is a remarkable act of achievement history and successful music, his story as a person is just as extraordinary. The naturalization process gave him many opportunities for himself, his family, and his career. When making the decision to begin the process, Javier approached the services of the lawyer Alex Martínez and in a few short months, his citizenship was granted.

Javier tells the public to be encouraged to begin the process if their entry into the country is similar to his. Even if you don’t think this process is for you, it is best to consult an expert to ensure that your opportunities are not wasted. Javier’s story is one of success, not only because of his musical career, but because of the courage he had in starting the process and the opportunities he now acquires. “Do not be afraid, if I could, you too.”

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Javier Ríos, leader and co-founder of Los Invasores de Nuevo León with immigration attorney Alex Martinez.