Citizenship Through Naturalization

A simple process like getting your citizenship through naturalization can be the key to accomplishing your American Dream and gift you a long list of benefits for yourself and your loved ones. This process is called Naturalization. The moment you become a naturalized citizen, your advantages begin including being able to petition for your parents. Now your parents, spouse and underage children will avoid the lengthy waiting process to obtain their permanent residency, making their process much faster. And last but not least you can also petition for your married adult children and your siblings. And that is getting Citizenship Through Naturalization.

Obtaining American citizenship ensures you are in no danger of deportation as a result of prolonged departures from the U.S., criminal charges, or a change in immigration laws. Your voice will be heard loud and clear at each political election through voting for our candidates. Voting will allow you to have a tremendous impact with upcoming immigration laws which only continue benefiting your family. The list of advantages when completing naturalization goes on, but first comes the life-changing process. 

Becoming a naturalized citizen is a simple process in which the first step is to check if you qualify. In order to begin your process, you must be only 18 years of age. Permanent residency is needed for at least 5 years or only 3 years if you obtained your permanent residency through a U.S. Citizen spouse. You must also demonstrate proof of continuous residence in the United States for the required period of time before filing of form N-400. Being able to read, write, and speak basic English along with briefly understanding simple U.S. History and government topics is included. Finally, showing good moral character during your time in this country, meaning paying taxes and having no serious criminal record within the last 5 years is very important through this process. Consulting with an immigration attorney for each individual case is strongly recommended in order to help and guide a person to a successful naturalization process.

When your eligibility has been confirmed and the process has begun, paperwork will be required from the client as proof. Birth, marriage, and death certificates, any past criminal records, permanent resident card, driver’s license or state ID, any current or expired passports and proof of physical presence will be surely required. This process can take approximately 3 to 9 months and has a government placed fee of $725. 

Naturalization begins with the filing of form N-400. This form along with required documentation can be easily prepared by your immigration attorney. Once your immigration packet is filed and submitted, you will be notified of a biometrics appointment date. This appointment is simply to run your fingerprints in order to check your criminal background. You will then get notified to attend an interview where you will present an exam that consists of reading and writing one basic question in English as well as 10 questions on simple U.S. History and Government topics. You will have plenty of study time before the exam and it can be presented a second time if the first instance was unsuccessful. If you fall under the category in which you are 50 years old with 20 years of permanent residence or 55 years old with 15 years of permanent residence, you may qualify to present your exam in Spanish. Upon approval by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services you will be required to attend a ceremony to take an Oath of Allegiance where you officially become an American citizen. This is a simple, quick, and life-changing process that begins with only receiving guidance from your immigration attorney.

While there are some steps that are slightly more difficult than others, the final outcome and its benefits are incredibly rewarding. There is a fee and minor restrictions, however, it is a small price to pay for the many opportunities you will receive. Forgetting the feeling of continuous fear of ever-changing laws or deportation as well as providing better quality immigration benefits to your family are just a few examples. Naturalization can be accomplished by simply reaching out to an attorney and beginning your process. This marks the start of your American dream. If you wish to know more information regarding your particular case give us a call at our office or message us via social media to schedule your appointment. Attorney Alex Martinez has over 10 years of immigration experience and has had the honor to naturalize thousands of permanent residents.